Thursday, 16 June 2011

Auto Insurance Comparison - Alfa Romeo Brera GTA vs Alpina B5

Both of these are pretty standard cars, you probably see these on a daily basis or might even have one yourself. I know I don't these are still far out of my pricerange :P I'm going to start to post more down to earth cars, something people can relate to more. So here it goes, but..

Which one would you choose?

Right lets get started:

Alfa Romeo Brera GTA

Average insurance for middle-age man, safe neighbourhood: $100 month

Thankfully barely changed from the stunning Giugiaro prototype, the much anticipated production Alfa Brera finally launched at the 2005 Geneva auto show. Unfortunately, the prototype's gull-wing doors and 400bhp V8 haven't made it to the road but we can still look forward to 260bhp from the superb 3.2 litre V6 - one of the best sounding engines around.

The gorgeous Brera shares it's underpinnings with the 157 and features state of the art driver aids in the form of traction control, stability control, emergency brake assist and even a hill start function. The signs are good that the Brera will signal the return of the classic coupe styles that made Alfa Romeo such a legend in the past.

Alpina B5

Average insurance for middle-age man, safe neighbourhood: $110/month

Alpina's aim for the B5 is to offer a more exclusive take on the most powerful of BMW's M division supersaloons, the M5. A 500bhp V8 replaces the M5's similarly powered V10, the theory being to offer a less visceral experience. Performance of the B5 falls a little short of the class leading M5 but to make up for that the B5's top speed is unrestricted, resulting in a 186mph maximum.

Although produced on the same production line and retailing at a similar price, Alpina have seen sales struggle as BMW themselves have followed the trend for ever more powerful models. However, with the B5, exclusivity is one element that can be assured.

Which car would YOU choose?

Enjoy !

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Auto Insurance Comparison - Marcos TSO GTC vs Lotec Sirius

Both of these cars are extremely powerful (moving away from the luxury cars now). There is however quite a large difference in the price of the cars and therefore a huge difference in auto interance, with a difference of about $500/month.. but then again if you can afford the Lotec then that will be nothing. The Lotec as said below is almost as powerful as the Veyron and half the price (and cheaper auto insurance), based on all that I would definietly go for the Lotec Sirius! But...

Which one would you choose?

Right lets get started:

Marcos TSO GTC

Average insurance for middle-age man, safe neighbourhood: $850 month

The Marcos TSO GTC Coupe joined stablemate the TSO RT Convertible in 2005. Pace is impressive thanks to over 475bhp (with the optional 'Performance Pack') courtesy of the Corvette C5's mighty V8. and a featherweight 1150kg glassfibre body. 0-60mph takes 4 seconds flat, going on to a top speed in excess of 185mph.

The GTC concentrates on being a drivers tool and so does without 'interfering' aids such as abs, traction and even airbags! But to ensure it achieves it's goal, Marcos enlisted the help of the well respected Prodrive team during the GTC's development. With the TSO line, Marcos can now proudly take their place as a serious British sportscar rival to both Noble and TVR.

Lotec Sirius

Average insurance for middle-age man, safe neighbourhood: $1450/month

It is a testament to the superb design of the Lotec Sirius in that it looks every bit the modern, cutting edge supercar despite the fact that it was first styled nearly a decade ago!

Following on from their earlier equally ballistic C1000 prototype, Lotec have produced one of the most powerful road cars of all time. Now with over 1000bhp and 811 lbft of torque from the Mercedes sourced twin-turbo V12 (same as used in the SL65 AMG), Lotec claims a Bugatti matching 248mph and 0-200kmh in a shattering 7.8seconds.

Just 5 of these carbon fibre leviathans will be produced per year at an eye watering £379,000. A lot of money perhaps, however it all but matches the Veyron for less than half the price.

Which car would YOU choose?

Enjoy !

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Auto Insurance Comparison - Bentley Azure vs Rolls Royce Phantom

Right today I have decided to post some of the more "upper-class" cars of our time. Here we have a Bentley Azure and the very famous Rolls Royce Phantom (better known to be driven by millionaire Lord Sugar). Both these cars cost around the same and have the most ridiculous insurance prices, but then of course that is nothing if you can afford the car in the first place. In my opinion I would go for the Phantom, this is because I have always liked the design of Rolls Royce cars, even since I was young. This car still have the characteristics of the old fashioned Rolls Royce in a modern design. But...

Which one would you choose?

Right lets get started:

Bentley Azure

Average insurance for middle-age man, safe neighbourhood: $1500 month

Following a three year gap from it's predecessor, the new, significantly improved Arnage has now arrived. Featuring the 6.75L V8 from the Arnage, power is upped to 450bhp (quite necessary in a near 3 tonne car) while torque is a tree stump pulling 645lbft for smooth and effortless acceleration.

Interior trim is bought up to date and is ,of course, of the highest standard. Disregarding the current trend for folding metal roofs a la Mercedes SL, the Azure features a traditional canvas top, albeit an electrically operated one. Not cheap at £223k but you can be assured of standing out in the crowd.

Rolls Royce Phantom

Average insurance for middle-age man, safe neighbourhood: $1550/month

On 1st January 2003 BMW officially took over Rolls Royce and with it introduced us to the much anticipated new model, the Phantom. It's styling has proved controversial with an exaggerated front grille and rear 'suicide' doors and at nearly 6 metres long and 1.6 metres high it is certainly an imposing site. Most important of all, however, It is unmistakeably a Rolls Royce.

BMW's super smooth V12 (bored out to the traditional 6.75 litre capacity) provides the power, while fully adjustable air suspension ensures the expected high quality ride.

Production begins later this year at BMW's purpose built Goodwood plant, with prices expected around the £250,000 mark. Only time will tell if the Phantom can restore Rolls' former glory.

Which car would YOU choose?

Enjoy !

Monday, 13 June 2011

Auto Insurance Comparison - Cizeta Moroder V16T vs LeBlanc Caroline GTR

Another two amazing cars (as always), slightly different dates with Cizeta Moroder V16T dating slightly earlier than the LeBlanc Caroline GTR. However, despite that I would have to choose the Cizeta, I personally prefer the more old fashioned look on most cars and this car definitely has that. It's old, rustic looking sleek design makes it a winner for me. I would give anything to own a car like that :P (it's pretty powerful too!) But...

Which one would you choose?

Right lets get started:

Cizeta Moroder V16T

Average insurance for middle-age man, safe neighbourhood: $1150 month

Conceived by ex Lamborghini test driver Claudio Zampoli and backed by musician Georgio Moroder, the V16T was launched as a direct competitor to the then new Diablo. The mighty 560bhp engine was unique in that it featured no less than 16 cylinders with 64 valves, enough to sprint to 60mph in 4 seconds and onto a 200mph plus top speed.

Cizeta based themselves in supercar country in Modena, Italy, and even had the skilled hand of Gandini to style the Diabloesque bodywork. However, even this was not enough. The project folded in the mid 90's with only a handful of the £400,000 models produced.

LeBlanc Caroline GTR

Average insurance for middle-age man, safe neighbourhood: $900/month

Following in the steps of Monteverdi and Sbarro, another small volume Swiss manufacturer, LeBlanc, offers us racecar performance to the road in the form of the stunning Caroline GTR.

It may have a mere 2 litre powerplant but with the addition of twin turbochargers the carbon fibre GTR musters over 500bhp. Couple that with a lightweight 785Kg body and you get mind boggling performance. LeBlanc claims 0-60mph in 2.8sec, 0-125 in 7.5sec and the standing 1/4 mile in under 11sec. These figures were however achieved with slicks but are nevertheless indicative of just what's on offer for your £500,000 investment.

Which car would YOU choose?

Enjoy !

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Auto Insurance Comparison - Connaught Syracuse vs Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

Both of these cars look fairly similar, with one just being a lot more famous than the other. However, I don't think the Connaught Syracuse gets enough credit to its name. It really is a stunning car with an amazing V10 supercharged engine, not only that but the cost to insure one of these beasts is considerably less than to insure a ford Mustang ! Based on these ideas I would definitely choose the Connaught. But..

Which one would you choose?

Right lets get started:

Connaught Syracuse

Average insurance for middle-age man, safe neighbourhood: $700 month

The Connaught name was last seen on racing cars from the 1950's but has now been resurrected in the form of a bespoke British sports car for the new millenium.

The Syracuse will be a limited run (of 100) enthusiasts vehicle with hand crafted alloy bodywork and a luxury leather interior. Power is provided by a rare supercharged V10 of only 2 litres capacity, still enough for an output of 300bhp.

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500


Average insurance for middle-age man, safe neighbourhood: $1000/month

Ford's special vehicles team (the people behind the Ford GT) have breathed fire into the humble Mustang to create the awesome Shelby GT500, reviving an association with the famed Shelby name going back 40 years to the original 60’s Shelby Mustang. Ford’s GT also donates it's supercharged 5.4L V8 powerplant, although this one 'only' kicks out 500bhp! Body mods are for both form and function, crafted from the experiences of the Ford racing team, all nicely finished off with the obligatory 'Cobra' emblem. For the 2010 model year, power was raised to 540bhp, then 550bhp with an all new lightweight 5.4 litre due to arrive in 2011.

At just $40k in the USA the GT500 is a terrific bargain, costs having been kept down by the decision to incorporate a 'live' rear axle. This does effect handling but that is more than made up for with it’s satisfying straight line urge.

Which car would YOU choose?

Enjoy !

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Auto Insurance Comparison - Elfin MS8 vs Gumpert Apollo

I see this as being another difficult choice, both of these cars definitely have the " super car " look about them. However, I would choose the Gumpert Apollo because performance wise it is a much better car. I don't know whether any of you have seen the show Top Gear but it was given a very good review on there. The other car looks quite nice but as I've mentioned below its handling it effected by its light-weight chassis to shear power of the car ratio. but this isn't about what I think, I want to know your thoughts !

Which one would you choose?

Right lets get started:

Elfin MS8

Average insurance for middle-age man, safe neighbourhood: $450 month

Place the V8 from the Holden Monaro into a lightweight Caterham style body and you have Australia's latest supercar, the Elfin MS8. Available in Clubman (convertible) or Streamliner (coupe) formats, the MS8 boasts a superb 371 bhp/ton power to weight ratio, giving lively acceleration and a 186mph max, not to mention the loudest engine noise this side of F1.

Unfortunately the Elfin's huge power is too much for it's chassis, resulting in 'spirited' handling. This is disappointing considering Elfin's recognised motorsport pedigree. It's also expensive at £42,000 when compared to rivals from Caterham, Westfield and Ariel, which offer at least as much performance for less money.

Gumpert Apollo

Average insurance for middle-age man, safe neighbourhood: $1000/month

Gumpert is in fact Roland Gumpert, the man responsible for the legendary Audi Quattro. Indeed, Audi supplies the Apollo's power, courtesy of a highly tuned version of the RS6's V8. Performance is at the McLaren F1 level, the most telling figure being a sub 9 sec 0-200kmh sprint. Downforce is epic, with a huge ground effect skirt working in conjunction with aerodynamic aids, which goes some way to backing up Gumpert's assertion that the Apollo could be the first sub 7 minute road car round the nurburgring.

It may sound like a Le mans car but you still get creature comforts such as aircon, satnav and a reversing camera for your £180,000.

Which car would YOU choose?

Enjoy !

Friday, 10 June 2011


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